▪ The safety of our guests is the top priority. The new guidelines for hotel cleanliness entitled “CLEAN & SAFE STAY” ensure the safety and security of our guests and employees. With these guidelines in place, our group hotels welcome you with a clean and safe environment, as “the new normal”.




▪ Public spaces (e.g. lobby, front desk, elevators, bathrooms, hallways), which are high-touch points, are frequently and regularly cleaned and disinfected.

▪ Disinfection kits are stationed in public areas, in front of elevators, in front of banquet halls and at the entrance to other facilities to allow our guests to easily sanitize their hands.

▪ Staff are required to wear face mask and depending on the situation, staff will wear plastic gloves to ensure the health and safety of guests and employees.

▪ Clear protective barriers are placed in between guests and staff at the front desk to prevent droplet infection.

▪ Room keys, guest amenities, and other items are disinfected before being handed to guests.

▪ All guests are asked to complete health check forms and undergo a temperature check upon entering the hotel. We ask for your kind cooperation to ensure the safety of all guests and staff.


【Guest Rooms】


▪ For all guest rooms, the furniture, doors and door knobs, windows, bathroom, lighting switches and any high-touch points are cleaned and sanitized regularly.

▪ Use of disinfectants for sanitization of high-touch points is thoroughly implemented. (TV remote control, telephone, tablet, hairdryer, hangers, etc.)


【Restaurants / Bars】


▪ All tables, counters, and seating are sanitized before and immediately after use.

▪ All kitchen staff follow strict food preparation and cooking hygiene standards and wear masks, gloves and hats to enhance food safety.



▪ Before entering the hotel, all staff are required to check their temperature and undergo a health check.

▪ Staff must wear masks while serving and are required to wash and sanitize hands as well as gargle regularly.

▪ Staff rooms and the back of the house are regularly cleaned and sanitized. Staff are required to maintain social distancing to avoid close contact.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to welcoming you at Hotel Nikko Hai Phong